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Atascadero Roofing Contractor Offering Full Service Construction Services

-A well-built roof is a critically important part of any building, “And so is the construction of the rest of the home or commercial property,” said Daniel Ribas, owner of Atascadero’s Ribas Roofing Company. Ribas has recently announced that the Atascadero roofing contracting company also offers full service building and construction services. In the construction…
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Atascadero roofer answers: ‘Does termite damage mean a new roof?’

“Not necessarily,” said Daniel Ribas from the Atascadero roofing company, Ribas Roofing Service. “The earlier you find termites, the less damage to the structure.” Ribas encourages regular termite inspections for early detection and treatment. By the time the damage reaches the roof, there is almost always serious damage to other parts of the structure. Termites…
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Paso Robles roofing contractor reports ‘Energy Efficient Roofing Options’

There are many choices for energy efficient roofing materials today, but the most effective energy efficiency is a well-constructed roof, said Daniel Ribas owner/contractor of Paso Robles’ Ribas Roofing. Insulation and ventilation are two important factors to an energy efficient roof, followed by choosing a type of roofing that increase energy efficiency. Insulation and ventilation…
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