Best roofing contractor Paso Robles 

Best roofing contractor Paso Robles 

Ribas Roofing Service has solutions for all of your roofing, flooring and building needs. We work closely with our clients to solve any issue with a cost-effective and creative approach. We take great pride in offering our clients exceptional products and friendly service. 

  • Do you need a new roof?  
  • Does your roof need repairs?  
  • Has your roof been damaged?  
  • Are you remodeling and want a different style of roof?  
  • Are you restoring an older home or building?  
  • Has a roof leak caused water damage?  

We can build a new roof, repair an old one, and remodel and reinforce all of your roof’s supporting structures.  

  • Certified fire restoration, water damage and mold experts 
  • Flooring, roofing and general building contractors 

Our services cover all of your building needs from roof to floor. Ribas Roofing Service is your all-in-one general contractor for roofing, flooring, and general construction.  

Best roofing contractor Paso Robles

Reliable local service 

What would you like for your roof? Ribas Roofing Services works with any style of roof—roofs with deep slopes, dormers, gables, and chimneys—and helps you choose the best material.  

We pledge to craft every aspect of your project to your precise specifications, down to the smallest detail. We communicate with you every step of the way. You are part of the project from start to finish. 

Owner, Daniel Ribas, has been working in the construction industry since 1995 and formed Ribas Roofing Service in 2007. We meet the roofing and general construction needs on the Central Coast and Ribas Roofing is the only company in the local area that services roofing contracts for Lowe’s.  

All of our employees have the appropriate licensing and certifications for the job.  We are a full-service building contractor for roofs, floors and all your building needs.  

Inspecting your roof in Paso Robles 

Paso Robles weather is considered a mild “Mediterranean” climate, but it can still be can be hard on roofs.  

  • Rain, wind and storms can loosen shingles and other roofing material and expose the roof to leaks.  
  • Warm, sunny days followed by chilly nights—a common Central Coast weather pattern—is not good for wood and some other roofing materials, causing cracks, splits, and wood rot. 

Inspections and maintenance is an important part of extending the lifespan of any roof. Some property owners choose to do a preliminary inspection, which should include:  

  • Walking around the outside checking for damage, sagging and signs of aging 
  • Getting on a ladder and looking for areas on the roof that might have algae, moss or piles of leaves, or buckled, curled or missing shingles 
  • Checking the gutters, downspouts, eaves, and fascia for damage and signs of rot 
  • Checking the attic or crawl space for signs of leaks 

Let Ribas Roofing worry about your roof. 

There are so many other things you and your family that are more fun than climbing on a ladder to inspect the roof. Paso Robles has something going on all year long including family programs at the library, several museums, including the Paso Robles Children’s Museum and free concerts, fairs and festivals in the park.  

The GPS coordinates for Paso Robles are 35.6369° N, 120.6545° W