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Repair or replace? Choosing the best strategy for a damaged roof

Storms happen, fires happen, trees crash through roofs, roofs get old and leak, and sometimes a fickle wind just blows off some shingles but leaves the roof relatively intact. Homeowners insurance might cover roof damage depending on what caused the damage. Most insurance companies have a level of cost they use to determine whether to…
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Paso Robles roofing contractor describes the most popular roofs

A roof is a roof, right? It keeps rain and weather out of the house and gives birds someplace to rest on long flights south. About the only time anyone things about the roof is if it’s leaking and needs repairs, or you are building a new house and the architect wants to know what…
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Ribas Roofing Announces New Website By Access Publishing

-Ribas Roofing and Services in Atascadero, CA has announced a new website by Access Publishing. Ribas Roofing and Services is an all-in-one general construction, roofing and flooring company that has been meeting the commercial and residential needs for California’s Central Coast and beyond since 2007. The company’s services include: Certification in fire restoration and mold…
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