Roofer Atascadero 

Roofer Atascadero 

A local roofing and general construction company since 2007, Ribas Roofing Service takes pride in the fact that the new roof, or new floor or building project you envision will be what you get.  

  • Ribas Roofing Service is your all-in-one general contractor for roofing, flooring, and general building.  
  • Owner, Daniel Ribas, has worked in the construction industry since 1995 before starting Ribas Roofing Services in 2007 
  • All of our employees have the necessary licenses and certifications 
  • We are certified for fire restoration, water damage and mold removal 

Whether we are building a new roof or repairing an existing roof, we are committed to stay on schedule and within budget, using the best quality tools and materials to do the job correctly.  We don’t leave a mess behind, don’t damage your home or business, the duct systems or other vulnerable components, make sure the roof slopes and drip edges and gutters are also correct.  

Roofer Atascadero

Building a new roof 

New buildings need new roofs. Remodeling and adding rooms can also mean a new roof or a new addition to the existing roof.  

We build your roof to your specifications, creating the style you want with the best materials to make sure your roof lasts for years.  

When working on a remodel, we make sure that:  

  • The addition matches the existing roof 
  • The new section is tied correctly to the old section so there are no leaks or other problems

Repairing or replacing a roof 

Life happens, trees and branches fall, storms damage roofs, and sometimes the roof just gets old.  

We are honest about the cost of repairing or replacing your roof and give you all the information you need to know to make the best decision.  

Local roofer serving Atascadero 

A roof protects families, workers, furnishings and other contents of a building from weather. In doing so, the roof takes the brunt of rain, wind, storms, the sun’s rays and the cold nights 

The weather patterns in and around Atascadero, while considered part of the milder “Mediterranean” climate, can be hard on roofs.  

  • Rain, wind and storms can loosen shingles, blow them off and expose the roof to leaks.  
  • Warm, sunny days followed by chilly nights—a common Central Coast weather pattern—is not good for wood and some other roofing materials, causing cracks, splits, and wood rot. 
  • Normal aging happens and roofs need to be replaced once in a while. 
  • Inspections and maintenance is an important part of extending the lifespan of any roof. 

Let Ribas Roofing worry about your roof. There are many other fun things to do in Atascadero that you can enjoy while we are inspecting and repairing your roof, or building a new one.  

Atascadero is a family town with several fairs and festivals every year, the Charles Paddock Zoo, great schools and youth activities, parks and other outdoor activities.  

The GPS coordinates for Atascadero are 35.4894° N, 120.6707° W.