Roofing Contractor Paso Robles

Roofing contractor Paso Robles 

Ribas Roofing Service in Paso Robles can build a new roof, repair an old one, and remodel and reinforce all of your roof’s supporting structures.  

Our services cover all of your building needs from roof to floor. Ribas Roofing Service is your all-in-one general contractor for roofing, flooring, and general construction.  

We are also certified fire restoration, water damage and mold experts.  

roofing contractor Paso Robles

Honest answers to your questions  

  • What will it cost to fix my roof?  
  • How long will it take? 
  • Is my roof beyond repair?  
  • Can I restore that old ranch building and save the roof? 
  • How can I get the rain to run correctly off my roof?  
  • We are remodeling, what should we do about the roof?  
  • Can you give us a different style of roof?  
  • The leak in the roof has ruined the floor. Can you fix both? 

Ribas Roofing has solutions for all of your roofing, flooring and building challenges. We work closely with our clients to solve any issue with a cost-effective and creative approach. We take great pride in offering our clients exceptional products and friendly service. 

Exceptional service 

Owner, Daniel Ribas, has been working in the construction industry since 1995 and formed Ribas Roofing Service in 2007. We meet the roofing and general construction needs on the Central Coast and Ribas Roofing is the only company in the local area that services roofing contracts for Lowe’s.  

We will craft every aspect of your project to your precise specifications, down to the smallest detail. We communicate with you every step of the way. You are part of the project from start to finish. 

Call Ribas Roofing Services today! 

A quick look at Paso Robles roofs 

Roofs and buildings today are very different from the original homes in the Paso Robles area. Before European contact, the original people lived in comfortable grass and tule huts, with tightly built roofs of the same materials. Even though the huts needed seasonal repairs, they were very effective at staying warm and dry.  

Since those days, the Paso Robles area has seen many changes in roofs and buildingsThe Spanish missionaries adapted building methods from Spain by using raw materials of local lumber and mud to make clay for adobe bricks and roof tiles. The mud was combined with straw or manure for binding, poured into forms and dried in the sun. The resulting bricks were used for walls, and tiles were used for flooring and roofs.  

When settlers arrived from Spain and Mexico they used locally cut wood for frames, ranch buildings, and shingle roofs along with adobe and tile. As American settlers arrived they brought their regional architectures with them and built homes, barns, sheds, stables, and commercial buildings in a variety of styles 

As improved transportation delivered more varieties of building materials, architecture changed to keep pace. Perhaps the most famous example of architectural vision on the Central Coast is Hearst Castle.  

Today, just about any kind of architecture or roof style can be found on the Central Coast. From mission era to the Mediterranean influenced wineries to the most modern—every architectural style is represented and the traditional styled roofs are preserved.  

These days, roofs are covered with weatherproof materials that don’t require as much maintenance and last for years. The variety of materials makes it possible for buildings of any style to have a traditional style roofs with modern materials.  

What would you like for your roof? Ribas Roofing Services works with any style of roofroofs with deep slopes, dormers, gables, and chimneysand help you choose the best material.  

The GPS coordinates for Paso Robles are 35.6369° N, 120.6545° W