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If you’re a homeowner in San Luis Obispo County that is looking for a quality roofer in Paso Robles, Bern, Templeton, Atascadero or SLO, we’ve got you covered. Your home’s roof is all that protects you, your loved ones, and all your possessions from all that Mother Nature can dish out. Missing shingles, broken tiles, damaged flashing, and sun weathering are amongst the most common causes of damage to a home’s roof. Here at Ribas Roofing we’re skilled at assessing roof damage and recommending the best options for repair or roof replacement.

Our locally owned and operated roofing company has served the community of Paso Robles for over 15 years. We provide fast, affordable & professional roofing service in Paso Robles and throughout the SLO County.

Since 2007, Californians have trusted our family-owned business to solve their roofing troubles, big and small. 

As a licensed and certified full-service roofing company, Ribas Roofing is a trusted business in the community. And the go-to resource for any homeowners with questions and concerns about a roof’s quality, safety, and function. With over 25 years in the industry, Daniel Ribas has dedicated his professional life to building a roofing company that will serve the needs of Central Coast residents with reliable information, honest evaluations, and cost-effective, high-quality roofing solution. Call (805) 400-0202 when you need the integrity and honesty that are the cornerstones of this local family business.

Reliable Roof Repair

The weather in the Paso Robles area can take a toll on even the highest-quality roofing. Wind, rain, and sun can all damage composite shingles as well as tile or metal surfaces. When you have concerns about damage to your roof from a storm, debris, or simple wear and tear from the environment and the sun’s damaging UV rays, the team at Ribas Roofing is just a call away at (805) 400-0202.

A fast and thorough examination is essential when you think that your home’s roof could be damaged. If you discover any of the following, call (805) 400-0202 to schedule your free roof inspection immediately:

Our experts will arrive promptly for your appointment and provide a complete evaluation of the health of your roof. In addition, if there are any issues, we will provide recommendations for any necessary repairs.

Get in touch with our team of licensed roofing company in Paso Robles, CA to schedule a service estimate! Call 805-400-0202

A Quality Roof Replacement

Unfortunately, all roofs do wear out after extended exposure to our mild but moist Mediterranean climate. As the entire roof surface deteriorates, it becomes more and more costly to continue to make repairs. In these cases, the experts at Ribas Roofing know that providing our clients with a roof replacement price quote is the right thing to do. Not only does it put an end to the constant repair bills of an old leaky roof, but it also provides reliability and a warranty. Call (805) 400-0202 to request a roof inspection and know that if a roof replacement is a wise investment, our team will provide you with that information and why we believe it is the cost-effective long-term solution for your home.

A Quality Roof Replacement

There are several reasons you could be in the market for a roofer in Paso Robles who offers roofing inspections. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to request this service before putting a house on the market. In addition, savvy homeowners schedule a professional roof inspection after a severe storm or annual basis. It ensures that any minor roof issues or wear and tear are professionally addressed to prevent much more costly repairs. It is a small investment in the surface that protects your home from the harsh weather that can come across the Central Coast.

During the inspection process, our experts will check for many things, including:

Once the inspection is completed, or pro will explain any discovered issues and propose cost-effective solutions.

Never put off a roof inspection or repair when you have any reason for concern. Instead, call the experts at Ribas Roofing at (805) 400-0202 and put your trust in the highest-rated team of Paso Robles Roofers you will find. We will provide you with the honest and reliable information you need to make a wise choice to protect your home and loved ones.

And remember, with Ribas Roofing in Paso Robles, estimates are always free!

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Richard O.
Richard O.
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Daniel Ribas, the owner, took a look at my project this afternoon. We need the old metal chimney pipe removed, and the resulting hole in the roof patched. Daniel showed up when he said he would, and promptly got up on the roof to take a look. Thankfully, Daniel also noticed that we had several cracked tiles, and that the flashings on our roof pipes were badly rusted. He documented all the problems with numerous photos so that I could see what he had observed, and informed me what was needed to correct all of the problems. I look forward to receiving his estimate for the repairs. THANK YOU DANIEL!!!
Scott B.
Scott B.
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We are looking for a remodel of our house and just took a tour of a Paso Robles home that Ribas worked on. The quality was absolutely gorgeous. I was really impressed with his attention to details. The homeowner said the owner, Daniel, was very timely with the work. We are looking forward to our upgrades.