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Roof Repair

Atascadero Roof Repair

The moment you see a few bent or damaged shingles on your Atascadero home, it can be easy to panic. Thoughts of expensive water damage to your home and a new roof feel overwhelming and stressful. But what many consumers do not know is that many issues can be successfully and cost-effectively corrected with a professional roof repair.

The experts at Ribas Roofing are well-known for the most reliable roof repairs in Atascadero, CA as well as the highest quality roof leak repair. In addition, their reputation for honesty and integrity dates back to the first days that they opened their doors in the Central Coast in 2007. With over a quarter of a century in the industry, Daniel Ribas has built a family-owned and locally-operated roofing company that meets and exceeds every customer’s expectation for quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and reasonable pricing.

If you are worried about potential roof damage or a leaky roof in Atascadero, call (805) 400-0202 immediately for a professional evaluation that you can count on for accuracy and honesty. We offer 1 year warranties on all of our repairs.

Signs Of A Roof Leak

In some cases, a roof leak is easy to notice. You will see indications of water damage that can include:

Unfortunately, other more concealed roof leaks are more difficult to locate. The water can follow the structural framing of the roof and house, resulting in water damage that is not directly in line with the leak’s location. Once on the roof, the damage could be tough to spot. However, when you call (805) 400-0202, the expertise, and hands-on leak locating skills of the Ribas team quickly pay off.

When your home is in need of roof repairs in Atascadero, CA you should trust that the experts at Ribas Roofing have got you covered. Call 805-400-0202

Severe Roof Damage

When a storm comes through the Central Coast, there is always the potential for storm damage to roofs and other property. The crews at Ribas Roofing understand that when you have severe damage to your home’s roof, a fast response is essential. Our team is always prepared to assist our customers with extreme roof damage evaluations for insurance company claims and securing the area for safety.

In many cases, you will be able to see the damage to your roof. However, it is crucial to understand that flying debris can cause significant damage before it is swept off your roof. Punctures to shingles can also penetrate the other protective layers and the wood roof sheeting to allow water to enter your home, cause expensive damage, and promote mold and mildew growth in as little as 24 hours. If you saw debris flying in a storm or see signs of it in your yard, a call to Ribas Roofing at (805) 400-0202 is the smart way to protect your home. The cost of a professional roof inspection is a small price to pay for peace of mind and your safety.

Debris On Your Roof

Storms are typically the cause of a piece of debris on your home’s roof. However, a large tree could also drop branches and other debris throughout the year. If you discover litter on your roof, call (805) 400-0202 for professional help. As highly skilled roofing experts, our team is trained to notice the subtle issues that you might not see until it is too late. For example, slight roof damage or a rotted area could result in a severe injury if you lose your footing and fall. 

Shingle Damage

Unfortunately, many things beyond a storm can damage the shingles on your roof. Small branches falling from a tree, a pile of soggy wet leaves, and even the sun’s UV rays all take their toll on your roof. If you notice that shingles on your roof look uneven, bent, curled, or are missing the small but essential aggregate granules, call (805) 400-0202 for assistance from the experts at Ribas Roofing. In many cases, when caught early, these minor issues can be quickly and cost-effectively repaired to restore the integrity of your home’s roof.

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Richard O.
Richard O.
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Daniel Ribas, the owner, took a look at my project this afternoon. We need the old metal chimney pipe removed, and the resulting hole in the roof patched. Daniel showed up when he said he would, and promptly got up on the roof to take a look. Thankfully, Daniel also noticed that we had several cracked tiles, and that the flashings on our roof pipes were badly rusted. He documented all the problems with numerous photos so that I could see what he had observed, and informed me what was needed to correct all of the problems. I look forward to receiving his estimate for the repairs. THANK YOU DANIEL!!!
Scott B.
Scott B.
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We are looking for a remodel of our house and just took a tour of a Paso Robles home that Ribas worked on. The quality was absolutely gorgeous. I was really impressed with his attention to details. The homeowner said the owner, Daniel, was very timely with the work. We are looking forward to our upgrades.