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All You Need To Know About Roof Rot

Most homeowners are less than excited at the thought of spending money on a roof repair or roof replacement. It is one of those projects that does not feel like it adds anything spectacular to the house. You never really see the roof, but it is essential to remember that your Atascadero home’s roof is all that stands between you and some significant water damage to your home and all your belongings. So regular inspections for wear and issues related to your roof are essential. These professional inspections are often the only way to discover roof rot and repair the damage before it compromises the integrity of your entire roof and the structure of your home.

What Causes Roof Rot?

Roof rot is caused by three issues related to the roof structure and your attic. Humidity due to a drastic temperature change in the attic, moisture created by the condensation created when the temperature swings and ventilation issues all work together to destroy the wood sheeting supporting your roof. Sometimes roof rot is also called dry rot, even though it is caused by moisture under the roof in your attic.

What To Do When Roof Rot Is Discovered

When root rot is discovered early, it is possible to repair the damaged areas. The process entails removing the wood sheeting that has been destroyed by the moisture and condensation and replacing it will new wood. However, if the roof rot is not discovered early, it can damage the roof’s entire structure and result in total destruction. Then, the only solution is to remove the old damaged roof and replace it with an entirely new installation. In addition, it is vital to correct any ventilation issues in the attic space to ensure that the new roof will not suffer the same demise as the old one.

Catching any roof rot early is essential to a cost-effective repair solution. This is the number one reason professional roofers recommend regular roof inspections. Our experts are trained to identify the early signs of roof rot to alert homeowners and make cost-effective repairs before the entire roof is damaged.

Preventing Roof Rot

As we mentioned, early detection is the best way to prevent substantial and costly roof rot. Think of each visit from your roofing expert as preventative health care for your roof. The inspection will include a trip to the attic and examining the roof’s surface and flashing. In addition, homeowners should monitor the condition of their roof from the ground or any windows providing a good view of the roof. For example, if you notice any shingles that are cupping or curling upward, that is an indication of too much moisture in the attic. Additional signs of roof rot include dark or moss-covered areas of the roof. If you notice any of these issues, call (805) 400-0202 or click here to request a visit from the pros at Ribas Roofing. Our experts will provide you with a list of any damage to your roof and our professional recommendation for repairs.

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