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Paso Robles roofing contractor describes the most popular roofs

A roof is a roof, right? It keeps rain and weather out of the house and gives birds someplace to rest on long flights south. About the only time anyone things about the roof is if it’s leaking and needs repairs, or you are building a new house and the architect wants to know what […]

Repair or replace? Choosing the best strategy for a damaged roof

Storms happen, fires happen, trees crash through roofs, roofs get old and leak, and sometimes a fickle wind just blows off some shingles but leaves the roof relatively intact. Homeowners insurance might cover roof damage depending on what caused the damage. Most insurance companies have a level of cost they use to determine whether to […]

Ask the Atascadero roofing contractor about the best roofing materials

A well built and beautiful roof is a significant part of the value of a home or commercial property. There are numerous choices in roofing material. Which material you choose is basically only limited by budget, although the weather that is typical to your area and certain structural aspects of the building can also influence […]

Paso Robles roofing contractor reports ‘Why, When and How to Inspect Your Roof’

Under normal circumstances a well-built roof can last at least 20 years or longer before needing repairs or replacement. “Normal circumstances” means the roof was built for the local weather conditions and that the roof will be regularly inspected and maintained. In fact, regular inspections are very important for keeping the roof in good shape […]

Paso Robles roofing contractor reports ‘Energy Efficient Roofing Options’

There are many choices for energy efficient roofing materials today, but the most effective energy efficiency is a well-constructed roof, said Daniel Ribas owner/contractor of Paso Robles’ Ribas Roofing. Insulation and ventilation are two important factors to an energy efficient roof, followed by choosing a type of roofing that increase energy efficiency. INSULATION AND VENTILATION […]

Atascadero roofer answers: ‘Does termite damage mean a new roof?’

“Not necessarily,” said Daniel Ribas from the Atascadero roofing company, Ribas Roofing Service. “The earlier you find termites, the less damage to the structure.” Ribas encourages regular termite inspections for early detection and treatment. By the time the damage reaches the roof, there is almost always serious damage to other parts of the structure. Termites […]

Atascadero Roofing Contractor Offering Full Service Construction Services

-A well-built roof is a critically important part of any building, “And so is the construction of the rest of the home or commercial property,” said Daniel Ribas, owner of Atascadero’s Ribas Roofing Company. Ribas has recently announced that the Atascadero roofing contracting company also offers full service building and construction services.

All You Need To Know About Roof Rot

Most homeowners are less than excited at the thought of spending money on a roof repair or roof replacement. It is one of those projects that does not feel like it adds anything spectacular to the house. You never really see the roof, but it is essential to remember that your Atascadero home’s roof is […]