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Paso Robles roofer answers the question, ‘I’m remodeling, will I need a new roof?’

“Generally speaking, no. You won’t need to replace a roof that is in good condition when you remodel. You will, however, have to add new sections to the roof when you are adding rooms,” said Daniel Ribas, Paso Robles roofer and owner of Ribas Roofing Services.

The first step, to avoid surprises, is to have the roof inspected before drawing up the remodeling plans. Not all problems with an existing roof are easily visible. There can be water damage and mold from a leak that was not detected, shingles that are working loose, even termite damage that has started since the last inspection. If the contractor finds a problem once work has started there are going to be delays and extra costs.

Along with having the roof inspected, at least a couple of months before the remodel is to start, some other considerations are:

  • Adding a room means adding a new section to the roof. For property value reasons, it’s a good idea that the addition be the same style as the rest of the roof. Depending on the style of the roof, there could be some additional cost.
  • Does the house have an attic? Will the addition roof add to the attic space or will it be closed off?
  • Is there a crawl space instead of an attic? Will the new crawl space open into the existing crawl space?
  • A roof addition is going to need ventilation and that needs to be part of the remodel plans.
  • Does the remodel involve moving a bearing wall? If so, some other kinds of reinforcement need to be considered.
  • Does the remodel involve removing the ceiling? Depending on the age of the home, there might be asbestos in the ceiling. The Paso Robles roofer is certified for asbestos removal.
  • Depending on the age of the existing roof, it might be difficult to match the new roofing material.
  • Does the existing roof have solar panels or tiles? This might have an impact on how the roof addition is constructed.
  • Likewise, if the remodel involves adding new ceilings in place of open beams, other construction issues may need to be considered.
  • Does the remodel involve adding a porch or extending eaves?
  • Are you adding a second floor? If so, a new roof is definitely in order.

One way to manage remodeling costs when additions or changes to an existing roof are part of the plan is to hire a construction company that specializes in general building and roofs. With construction experience starting in 1995, Ribas Roofing Services is the exact company for a remodel.Ribas Roofing has solutions for all of your roofing, flooring and building challenges. The team works closely with clients to solve any issue with a cost-effective and creative approach. “We take great pride in offering our clients exceptional products and friendly service,” said Ribas. Call today for an estimate.

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