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4 Reasons for Scheduling a Roof Inspection for the New Year

Perhaps your roof has been damaged during seasonal storms with heavy rain and winds. You may have noticed missing tiles or shingles from certain areas of your roof. If you are upgrading your home’s exterior with a new facade, walkway, or terrace, you may want to install new roofing as well. By scheduling a professional roof inspection as your first New Year’s resolution, you can avoid serious water leaks and other damage to your roof. Here are four reasons to schedule a roof inspection in the new year.

1. Stay Updated on Your Roof’s Condition

Your home’s roof is one of the most expensive and noticeable design elements of your house. The condition of your roofing also has a significant effect on your home’s interior and exterior areas. Broken or missing tiles or shingles can cause water leaks and poor insulation for your house. By having the roof examined regularly, you can prevent serious damage to the roofing and to your entire home.

2. Plan Your Annual Home Improvement Budget

By having your home’s roof inspected by professionals regularly, you can plan your yearly budget for home upgrades more easily. If you schedule an inspection in January, you can include any major repairs in your first quarter budget for home updates. If needed, you can take care of projects like roofing repairs or replacements early in the year.

3. Be Prepared for Any Roof Insurance Claims

A quality roof inspection can save you time, effort, and headaches if you have a future roofing insurance claim. Insurance companies often want to examine written reports and photographs of damage that support these claims. Your local roof inspectors can provide you with these records whenever they inspect your home’s roof. With regular roof inspections, you will already have the necessary evidence as a backup for any claims.

4. Renovate an Older Home for Safe Living

If you and your family live in an older home or you are buying an older residence, a roof inspection by experts is essential. You want to ensure that the roof is safe and free of faulty areas and water leaks. If the roof is worn or damaged, you need to determine the extent of the damage. Does the roofing need minor repairs or partial replacement, or is it time to install a new roof?

Are you convinced that it’s time to schedule a roof inspection for the new year? If so, it’s important to reach out to a trusted local company for inspection services. Contact our team at Ribas Roofing to schedule your roof inspection in Atascadero or the surrounding area.

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