How to Protect Your Roof From the Winter Weather

Roof tiles shifted by strong winds during storm require repair to prevent water leak and interior damage.

People who live in Atascadero might believe that they don’t have to do much to take care of their roofs during the winter, but this isn’t true. The average low temperatures in December and January are in the low 30s, and the precipitation ranges from between 5 and around 7 inches a month. Combined with […]

Is Your Roof Related to Your Energy Bills?

Damaged house roof with missing shingles after hurricane. Consequences of natural disaster.

A roof is one of the most important components of a home. It offers protection from the strong sun we can receive in Atascadero as well as from the wet weather that we sometimes experience. In addition, it can help a house be more efficient if it’s structurally intact and has been designed properly. On […]

Now Is the Time to Schedule Your Roof Inspection

Man in a hard hat, holding a clipboard, standing on the steps of an old rundown house

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home, your belongings, and your household. It can keep out the elements and prevent water from coming in. Roofs, like most things, don’t last forever, even though it almost seems as though like they might be able to. There comes a time when a roof needs […]

Why It’s Crucial to Maintain Your Home’s Roof

Close up of young man worker in blue overall fix a metal tile roof with screwdriver. Roofing work concept

Homeowners in Atascadero, CA know the importance of keeping their homes in good shape. The over thirty thousand people who make their home here find it easy to appreciate the area’s pleasant climate. Fall in Atascadero means the heat of the summer is dissipating. That makes it a good time to have your roof looked […]

Signs Your Roof Shingles Might Need Repairs

Damaged roof with bad shingles

When your roof is damaged, it can put your beautiful Atascadero home at risk. You might also find mold, water damage, and other issues inside your home. Letting roof problems go unrepaired can also shorten the life of your roofing. With the high cost and time it takes to replace an entire roof, your bank […]

Helpful Tips for Purchasing a New Roof for Your Home

Qualified workman in uniform work wear using air or pneumatic nail gun and installing asphalt or bitumen shingle on top of the new roof under construction residential building

When the sweltering summer weather heats up the Atascadero, CA region, your roof plays a vital role in dispersing that heat. When it’s time to invest in a new roof, there are many factors that you’ll need to take into consideration. How can you make sure that you are making a sound investment? We’re going […]

Great Roofing Trends You’ll Want to Know About

roof of new house with shingles roof-tiles and ventilation window

Making your home in Atascadero, CA is one way to enjoy all that California has to offer. Residents of Atascadero get easy access to thriving California cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. They also have the good fortune to live in a place with pleasingly mild summers and relatively warm winters. If you’re […]

Always Get a Roof Inspection Before Buying

Engineers and contractors hold the plan and point it at the structure of the building. The construction project inspector team visits the site to inspect the construction site.

It only takes one summer in Atascadero, CA to realize just how important air conditioning can be. However, did you know that a home’s roof makes a major difference in how effectively an air conditioner can work? Before you invest your hard-earned money in a house, it’s wise to have a roof inspection done. What […]

3 Reasons to Consider Roof Replacement

Asphalt shingles damage. Roofing shingles asphalt. Fixing damaged roof shingles.

Roofs are not cheap, so it is no surprise that you would want them to be repaired rather than replaced. However, there comes a time when a repair is no longer feasible and you have to part ways with your old roof. The following covers three reasons to start preparing for roof replacement. 1. Aging […]

4 Ways Your Roof Can Become Damaged in a Storm

rain flows down from a roof down

There aren’t always a lot of storms that occur in Atascadero, CA throughout the year, which is why there’s a higher risk of damage. Many homeowners aren’t informed on how to prepare for harsh weather conditions, and they can fail to give their roofs the attention they need. Unfortunately, there are a few ways bad […]