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Damaged roof with bad shingles

Telltale Signs Your Roof Requires Replacement

Residential rooftops are a complex layering of several materials, including shingles, underlayment, and structural plywood. Roof damage may be difficult to see from a ground perspective, and it can lead to severe consequences for the entire home. Explore the telltale signs of roofing decline that tell you a replacement project is necessary.

Missing Materials

A replacement roof is often the solution to missing materials across the surface. Shingles, nails, flashing, and other elements should always be flush against the rooftop with no cracks or exposed sections. Roofers who encounter missing materials on multiple sections will usually recommend a new installation.

Neglecting to address a roof with missing material allows moisture into the plywood below. As a result, water damages other roofing materials that would not have to be replaced otherwise, leading to even more expense.

Low Spots

Your roof should have a flat and uniform appearance. There should never be low spots where water or debris accumulates. If you notice any puddling on the roof, immediately contact roofers.

Sagging rooftops indicate that one or more of the layers has failed. Ignoring the sagging section can lead to catastrophic damage. Roofers will recommend a replacement in order to add healthy layers to the struggling structure.

Microbe Growth

If you notice any green or black discoloration occurring on or near the roofing materials, they’re ready to be replaced. Moss, algae, and even mildew can grow on materials that are declining. They might appear as streaks or patches on the shingles.

Look for microbe growth where valleys meet and rooftop corners come together. Cleaning the microbes away is only a temporary measure. They will return unless the materials are swapped out for new ones.

Interior Leaks and Discoloration

Obviously, it’s not good to find multiple leaks within an attic or upper floor. You might find yellowing areas on walls too. All of these signs point to a failing rooftop.

Roofers will look at the potential danger areas and inspect the rooftop, but the ultimate solution is roof replacement. Multiple leaks often indicate that a roof is damaged beyond repair.

Old Age

Regional weather dictates the lifespan of your rooftop shingles. A typical home in an area with moderate weather patterns can have shingles that last up to 30 years. If your home has a roof that’s nearing this age, it’s time to consider getting a replacement estimate.

Extensive rooftop damage and old age are typical signs that your home needs a new roof. Contact Ribas Roofing for an estimate on replacing a roof on your Atascadero, CA home today.

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