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The Various Dangers of a Damaged Roof

If you are a homeowner or real estate investor, conventional wisdom says you should pay attention to the roof of your property. A damaged roof can not only wreak havoc on your finances but also on your well-being and that of your loved ones or tenants. Repairing a damaged roof is absolutely essential. It is a commitment from which you can benefit for years into the future. The condition of the roof will define the value of the property much more than whatever furniture you bought to decorate the house.

There are also other reasons why a damaged roof should be brought to the attention of a roofing company as soon as the damage is discovered. Some of them are described below.

Mold and Mildew

Water from a leaky roof can easily encourage mold growth on the surface of the roof materials as well as beneath it. It can cause roof decking, ceilings, and trusses to rot and disintegrate. Several mold species can cause health issues such as asthma, breathing problems, allergies, and nose bleeds. Even less dangerous species can turn lethal when they spread from wood into the rest of the house. Additionally, the extreme weather in Atascadero, CA can make matters worse. Once the mold gets into walls, carpets, clothing, and upholstery, it is hard and expensive to mitigate.

Residential Fire

When you focus on the consequences of not repairing a damaged roof, you can get an even more detailed picture of what could happen after a water leak. Water seeping from the roof not only destroys wood but also comes into contact with electrical wires, which in turn can create a fire hazard.

Roof Collapse

A collapse is one of the most dangerous consequences of not repairing a roof soon enough. Moisture leaking underneath the roof materials, rotting wood, and other factors may have compromised the materials and created soft spots. These spots are a perfect recipe for disasters like accidental falls, injuries, or a sudden roof collapse. Additionally, leaking water from the ceiling can cause slipping hazards indoors.

Structural Damage

How do we know that what seems like minor roof damage is actually threatening the structural integrity of your home? Only a professional roof contractor like Ribas Roofing can tell after inspecting the roof. Not only is a damaged roof unsafe, but it can also result in damage to other parts of the house, such as walls, beams, pillars, even the foundation. A collapsed roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars compared to the cost of replacing a misplaced or cracked roof tile.

If you have a roof that is damaged badly enough that it warrants a repair, contact our experts at Ribas Roofing right away. We serve property owners in Atascadero, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, and the surrounding Central Coast area of California.

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