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Top 5 Warning Signs of a Failing Rooftop

Your rooftop protects your property investment, personal belongings, and loved ones. Paying attention to its structural integrity is a clever way to stay on top of any damages that might occur with time and weathering.

Take a look at the main signs that your roof is in need of professional intervention.

1. Shingle Damage

Shingles are the main rooftop covering in the industry. Regularly inspecting your roof from the ground level will tell you if any materials are failing.

Look for shingles that are missing, curling, or misaligned. A roof that is in good shape will consist of perfectly flat and overlapping shingles.

Any unusual shingle appearances should be inspected in a timely manner. Moisture can seep into the structure when the shingles aren’t properly spread across the entirety of the roof.

2. Mysterious Stains

Signs of a failing roof can also be found within the home. Take a walk inside your home, and pay careful attention to the walls and ceilings.

Mysterious stains such as yellow to brownish spots on the drywall might indicate a failing roof. These stains could be a result of moisture that’s seeped into the home over a long period of time.

Professional roofers can find these leak points before the structure sustains more damage.

3. Sagging Appearance

Rooftops consist of several material layers, including shingles, underlayment, and structural plywood. Failing roofs can have a sagging appearance, which requires immediate inspection.

Routinely, look at your roof from the sidewalk. It should always have a level appearance. Any low spots can mean that the plywood is damaged under the shingles and underlayment. Moisture is typically the culprit with a sagging roof.

4. Rusted Flashing

Every rooftop has flashing or metal sections that protect valleys, vents, and other components. If you notice that the flashing is starting to rust along its edges, rooftop failure might be a concern.

Moisture building up around the flashing is typically the culprit of rusted flashing.

5. Gutter Debris

The rooftop gutters funnel rainwater to the ground, but they can also give off warning signs about your roof’s health. Tiny granules can fall off the shingles and end up flowing down the gutters.

If this gutter debris builds up on the ground, the shingles are quickly declining. These granules cover the shingles’ exterior, and when too many are lost, the roof loses its ability to protect your home from the elements.

As you get to know your rooftop, failure signs will be easy to identify. Be ready for any issues with a professional contact in the roofing industry.

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