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Atascadero roofer answers: ‘Does termite damage mean a new roof?’

“Not necessarily,” said Daniel Ribas from the Atascadero roofing company, Ribas Roofing Service. “The earlier you find termites, the less damage to the structure.” Ribas encourages regular termite inspections for early detection and treatment.

By the time the damage reaches the roof, there is almost always serious damage to other parts of the structure. Termites need to be eradicated before repairs can start then a general contractor, like the Atascadero roofer Ribas Roofing, can do all of the repairs from the ground up, including any needed to the roof.

In California, termites include:

  • Subterranean termites that live and breed in the soil and will feed on any nearby wood source.
  • Drywood termites that don’t require much contact with soil and live in wood in very dry conditions, even deserts.
  • Dampwood termites that live in damp wood.

Both subterranean and drywood termites can eat through a structure from the ground to the ceiling and roof, especially in areas where there have been roof leaks, or bathrooms and laundry rooms where moisture may have become trapped in walls and floors. Once in, they establish colonies and spread throughout the structure.

Repairs can range from repairing damaged sections to major reconstruction. Although Ribas, the Atascadero roofer, said “Ribas Roofing is always happy to help people recover from termite damage and repair or rebuild any part of your home or business building, but we’d prefer to see termite damage prevented in the first place.”

If you live in “termite country,” which is pretty much everywhere, annual inspections are still in order. Along with regular inspections, here are some tips that can help prevent termites from getting into your home or business:

  • Regularly inspect under the building for any collected moisture or standing water and fix the cause
  • Fix any leaking pipes and plumbing
  • Regularly inspect the roof for any signs of any damage
  • Repair leaks in the roof as soon as possible as well as any water damage in the ceiling or walls those leaks may have caused
  • Keep rain gutters clean
  • Make sure landscape watering or rainwater isn’t forming standing puddles near the foundation and if so, make the needed changes to prevent standing water
  • Keep debris away from the foundation, especially dead or dying plants and shrubbery, leaves and fallen bark and branches
  • Avoid planting water-thirsty plants near the foundation
  • Check the surrounding landscaping for water runoff patterns and change any that flow to the foundation

Ribas Roofing Service, the Atascadero roofer, is the all-in-one general contractor for any construction project. The company is committed to stay within budget and on schedule, using the best materials and tools to do the job correctly. The crew maintains all of the appropriate licenses and certifications in the industry and takes pride in providing friendly and top-notch service.

Whether you have termite damage, are planning a remodel, want a new home or commercial building, or need repairs for anything from the ground up to and including the roof, call Ribas Roofing Service today.

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