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Paso Robles roofing contractor reports ‘Energy Efficient Roofing Options’

There are many choices for energy efficient roofing materials today, but the most effective energy efficiency is a well-constructed roof, said Daniel Ribas owner/contractor of Paso Robles’ Ribas Roofing. Insulation and ventilation are two important factors to an energy efficient roof, followed by choosing a type of roofing that increase energy efficiency.


Insulating the attic or crawl space helps keep the house warm in winter and cool in the summer. During the winter the insulation keeps the warm air in the house from rising into the attic. In warmer weather, the insulation keeps the warm air from inside the house.

Insulation is an important component for energy- efficiency and so is ventilation. The proper ventilation allows air to flow through the attic. The appropriate vents that allow air to circulate also helps keep moisture from becoming trapped and helps prevent ice on the roof. Moisture and ice can damage roof shingles.

Never cover the vents in the mistaken notion you’ll be keeping the weather out.


How energy-efficient roofing material is depends, to some degree, on the climate. Your roofing professional is the best source for the best recommendations.

  • Asphalt shingles are one of the most common type of roofing material and most is also energy-efficient. The features to look for include special granules that contribute to reducing heat absorption. Other features of asphalt shingles include fire-retarding varieties, weather proofing, and sound insulation. Asphalt shingles can also provide impact resistance where high winds and hail are present.
  • Tile roofing, especially popular in California, is attractive and provides an additional source of insulation. Air circulates under the tiles, conserving energy use in all weather. Tile roofing is also fire resistant and most stormy weather.
  • Metal roofing is another energy-efficient material and they have good resistance to weather and are fire-resistant.


Make sure you choose the best roofing material for your budget and the weather by asking the experts at the Paso Robles roofing contractor, Ribas Roofing.

With experience in the construction and roofing industry starting in 1997, Ribas Roofing has solutions for all of your roofing, flooring and building challenges. Owner Daniel Ribas works closely with clients to solve any issue with a cost-effective and creative approach and takes great pride in offering our clients exceptional products and friendly service. 

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