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Paso Robles roofing contractor reports ‘Why, When and How to Inspect Your Roof’

Under normal circumstances a well-built roof can last at least 20 years or longer before needing repairs or replacement. “Normal circumstances” means the roof was built for the local weather conditions and that the roof will be regularly inspected and maintained. In fact, regular inspections are very important for keeping the roof in good shape and, in some cases, prolonging the life span of the roof.

Dan Ribas, contractor/owner of the Paso Robles Ribas Roofing, has some tips to help property owners keep their roofs in good shape.


 Because things happen:

  • Storms and high winds can cause unforeseen damage.
  • Wood expands with moisture, contracts with heat and can crack.
  • Shingles come loose.
  • Untrimmed, overhanging tree branches can break and fall on the roof or their movement in the wind can damage the roof.
  • The chance that the roof was not constructed properly.
  • The chance that shingles or other roofing material was not installed properly.
  • The design of the roof.
  • Unnecessary walking on the roof.
  • Debris, such as leaves and other windblown articles, that builds up on the roof.
  • Excessive moisture and moss or mold, especially if the roof is heavily shaded.
  • Maintenance on air conditioning or other systems that require workers on the roof.
  • Clogged, old or faulty gutters and drains.
  • Termites.


Inspect the roof once or twice a year, depending on local weather, and after a heavy storm or any suspected damage. Also inspect the roof when termites are present.

The Paso Robles roofing contractor recommends spring and fall as the best times of year for a regular inspection.

  • Spring because winter storms are over and any there is time to make repairs before next winter. In milder climates, an annual spring inspection is usually enough.
  • Fall inspections identify damage caused by heat and sun, such as contracting wood that has split, shingles working loose from changes to the underlying structure, or previous winter damage. Inspecting in the fall may not leave enough time to make repairs before the coming winter.

Home or property owner insurance may help pay for repairs or replacement under certain circumstances, but generally doesn’t cover damage resulting from neglect or normal aging. If the roof does need repairs, being able to produce proof that you did use a professional and licensed roofer to inspect and maintain the roof helps prove you were not negligent.


Working with a professional roofer is the best way to keep your roof in good shape. If you have a warranty call the company that issued the warranty.

Only working with roofing companies that stand behind their work is the best choice in the long run. Saving a few dollars up front can cost a lot more over time.

Ribas Roofing, in business since 2007, was founded by Daniel Ribas after more than 10 years in the construction industry. The Paso Robles roofing contractor can inspect and repair a roof, build a new roof, remodel and reinforce all of the roof’s supporting structures, and more.

Ribas Roofing services is an all-in-one general contractor for general building, roofing, flooring, and certified experts for fire restoration, water damage and mold repairs.

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